Click to view Larger - Shot 1974 - 1975

    • Hi Addison – glad you’re enjoying the pics! Have another batch in B&W that will go well with these – landship in Sugar Hill / Bragg’s Hill and have the maypole dancing etc

      • Mr Burleigh, I am the boy in 4 of the Sugar Hill pics. Playing with a black dog. You also took pics of me with a duck. As a boy at the time, I didnt know the significance of your presence that day you froze those moments in time, but you did, and we thank you Kind Sir, for capturing some truly precious times in our lives.

        • Hi Wayne, So glad to hear from you! Where are you living these days. We are about 20 mls south of San Francisco since Dec 1981 – going home soon for a visit and will be seeing some of the Sugar Hill crew – Watts and hopefully Best’s from Yearwood Rd, Sugar Hill and people in the St. Joseph Facebook Group

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