Images from Sugar Hill, St. Joseph and island wide

1st gen Neg scans - Click to view Larger

  • My grandmother, my mam… Adina Sealy is in these pics…love her.
    My Aunt Paul with the basket.some good beach picnics were to be had in that basket when we would visit…My cousin Rose in the yellow dress. Good memories of good people.

    • Hey Roberta – so glad you are enjoying these – which ones are they in – it would be good to edit the file name – if you click in an image in the grid it should bring up a larger image with the file number/name under it – would be great to add their name s on the relevant photos!
      I still have some other rolls to upload (have been away from being able to do that for a while, but will get them going soon) I also hope to get my black & whites of the landship and their May Pole in Braggs hill so there may be others that you might find them in. All the best. Craig.

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