Sugar Hill — Bajan Village Life

Sugar Hill village entered my life in Nov 1965 when we moved to live at Lammings, St Joseph.

One thousand feet above sea-level was another world - you could feel the temperature cool the few degrees that made it impossible to be too hot there.

The breeze that crossed those hills seemed to have a life force in it that made life there very close to heaven....

Sugar Hill, St Joseph

I loved the freedom of the country - driving the Anglia in the cart roads around the house, exploring the gully below the house at Lammings, stopping at the shops in the village and getting cheeze or corn–beef cutters with good Bajan hot sauce.

A few years later I had settled on my photographic path forward so in 1970 I went to Guildford, England to study photography. 

I was very fortunate to have made a trip home for 6 wks over Dec 1971 and Jan '72 and shot the photos in this collection - my major project for graduation about the Bajan lifestyle and Sugar Hill.

The images below are from the scans of the hard copy 12x14" album I made in 1973. The cover here is a single page full bleed and the other pages are spreads - enjoy! These were mainly shot on Kodacolor color negative film and I think I shot a roll or two of Kodachrome - not sure if the 25 ASA or 64.

Click in the image grid below to open larger images - enjoy!

Off to Market, Sugar Hill 1976 bag4-12

Major Project 1971-72 - Sugar Hill - Scans from original 1973 album

Major Project 1971-72 - Sugar Hill - Click to view Larger
1st gen Neg scans - Roll # 02

  • Incredible scenes. I think that is Dave Best in the red pants. Can’t wait to see the other Sugar Hill photos. The lovely baskets, a crafting tradition we can revive. Our carefree play. Such innocence. It warms the soul. Thank you for sharing.

    We have a FB page called “St. Joseph cyber reunion”. Please join us

    • Hi Sandra – so nice to hear from you! Glad that you recognise Dave Best – I will be working on the older photos from Sugar Hill as I continue to scan my images and get them viewable online. Just went over to ‘St. Joseph cyber reunion’ – look forward to further connections. Did you grow up in Sugar Hill – I still miss it! We lived at Lammings from 1965 to 1977. Are you in Barbados or out and about somewhere else?

      • I was born in Braggs Hill but moved to St.Michael during mu high school days. As I write this I just visited Braggs Hill and met the last of the guys I grew up with.
        We reminisced of the old folks who kept us in check as “the Village raised us”.
        They are long gone but we remember them well.
        Gone too are the friends we went to school with but the wonderful memories we made still linger.
        It was awesome seeing the changes made, but even with that change, my friend and I still remember where every tree was planted that produced the fruits and food we ate.
        I had planned this visit to see my old friend Trevor and talk about our lives growing up in Braggs Hill and it was indeed a pleasure.

    • At Mrs. Paris’ shop. I have a few of Bucky – will have to work on getting those up but it might take a while (that’s why I decided to show the original album as it was easier to get out.

  • I knew the names of several people in your photos. Is there a way to view more of your photos of scenes or people you photograph in Sugar Hill St.Joseph? Also, do you have any photos of yourself while you were living in Lammings?

    • Hi Errol – great to hear from you – I have many more photos from that time – a bunch are the photos that did not make it into the major project album but that will be perfect to put up here. I need to go through the scans of my original negatives and see if they will be good enough – I prefer to start with the best I can get out of the original negative or transparency. But I was pretty happy with the output of the album and the prints have held up well.

  • The people with the baskets ,ready for the market look like the Taitts, (Herman Taitt & Son Yard family) and the woman walking in front of Riley’s Shop is Pearl Best

    • Hey Arri – I’m wondering if Pearl Best might be related to Vernon Best who lived on Yearwood Rd – he is in the album dressed in his church robes getting ready to go the the huge event that was held at the Garrison that’s also in the album – that would have been Dec ’71

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  • Just put these up – this is Roll #2 of the major project – mainly the guys at Mrs. Parris’ shop in Sugar Hill.
    Please forgive some of the blotches – the colors had gone quite bad or the scans were not too good. I will try the scans on some of this project again

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