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I'm Craig Burleigh and I'm celebrating Barbados through my photographs and the stories that go with them! 

This site has been live since 2/2/22.

Today 11/08/22 I've just updated a post about Sugar Hill and life in the countryside. These are scans of my major project for graduation, shot during a 6 week visit home over Xmas 1971-72.

Sugar Hill - Bajan Village Life - Update

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Craig Burleigh headshot by Kevin Burleigh

These photographs were taken generally in the 70s – so they are 40 to 50 yrs old – and Barbados has moved on from those days. 

These are the people who have built the New Barbados with their back breaking work, smart humour and 'joie de vivre'.  

Going through the images I am falling in love all over again – the kids are so confident and proud and are not afraid of direct eye contact whether meeting the humblest or the Queen of England!

Maybe it's the soul of Barbados expressed through the eyes of it's people that causes Bajans overseas to ache for home.

Concorde is prepared for Queen Elizabeth's First Flight in Concorde

Concorde Alpha Echo G-BOAE is prepared for Queen Elizabeth's First Flight in the iconic aircraft.

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The Scuttling of the Stavronikita

Seven Minutes to Gone! The Scuttling of the Stavronikita.

The Barbadian people have made a small limestone rock of 166 square miles into a place that has spread it's influence and is known around the world.

A nation to be proud of.

Saint surfs Soup Bowl on Barbados' East Coast

Thank you for your interest in Barbados and these stories and photographs. I hope you enjoy what you find.

I look forward to getting to know many of you going forward.

All the Best.


Boys play on a quite street in Bridgetown